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Kinya Claiborne is the founder and editor-in-chief of STYLE & SOCIETY Magazine. A style influencer, TV host, entrepreneur and fashion expert with a major passion for all things communications-driven, she has been featured in numerous media outlets including Glamour, Amazon StyleCode and the Los Angeles Business Journal.

The StyleList’ TV Series Created as a video extension of STYLE & SOCIETY, Kinya Claiborne also hosts and is the co-executive producer of “The StyleList”, a TV series delivering the latest fashion, trends and pop culture. The show premiered June 2016 and is a fast-paced digital series on ONX, an online video platform with a diverse collection of content including news, entertainment, and lifestyle programing for the multicultural millennial. Press Media/Kit

Interested in working with Kinya Claiborne and STYLE & SOCIETY on advertising, photo/video, photographer collaborations, editorial, press trips, product reviews, integrated marketing, influencer programs, sponsored posts, brand partnerships, interviews, events or social media? View the STYLE & SOCIETY Media Kit for more information and contact us at press@styleandsociety.com.


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